About Me

I have a background in geoscience with experience in GIS, data analysis, and data visualization. My career objective is to communicate information so that others can better understand the world around them. I would like to accomplish this by applying my skills in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data while teaching others to do so effectively.

When I started my PhD, I dove into the world of data analysis and data visualization. I learned to use many new tools (including QGIS, Tableau, python, SQL, and many others). When I combined these new skills with my existing background, a whole new world of data analysis opened up for me. Analyzing and visualizing scientific data brought new insights to my work, but I felt limited by the scope of my research, because it did not solve any tangible, real-world problems. Thus, I decided to refocus my efforts on a career in data analysis so I can use my analytical skills to solve real-world problems with data.

My areas of interest are:

In my free time I enjoy gardening, crocheting (Check out my craft blog here!), browsing antique stores, trying new restaurants with my husband, Matt, practicing yoga, and spending time with our cat, Andy.

Photo of me

Hiking Fox Glacier in New Zealand